4 digits LED display programmble counter

● Digital programmable counter
● 48mm*48mm,Dual line 4 digits display
● Panel mount type
● Dry contact, NPN input
● Maximum 2 outputs(OP1 and OP2)
● 85~265Vac or 24VDC source
● SV counting/Batch counting/Totalizing count

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    170 g-350 g

4 digits LED display programmble counter

-Key features

● -1999~9999 range
● Input frequency 1HZ to 5000HZ configurable
● External reset and pause function
● Up or down counting mode selection
● 12VDC auxiliary power for sensors
● Memory function/power failure retention
● Decimal point display
● Encoder Quadrature inputs
● Multiplier available for easy distance measurements
● Output off delay
● RS-485 Modbus RTU
● The lower display can be configured to display batch count value, totalizing count value
● The OP1 relay can be configured as the output for batch counting, or totalizing count

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