Temperature controller with timer
  • Programmable universal temperature transmitter
    Programmable universal temperature transmitter Nov 07,2023
    Temperature transmitters are a fundamental component in the industry. These temperature transmitter devices convert the input signal from a wide range of temperature sensors, such as resistance thermometers, thermocouples, and potentiometers, into a standardized analogue or digital output signal. For decades, for the past decades, the way you program a temperature transmitters has evolved, program...
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  • Touch screen ramp and soak temperature controller
    Touch screen ramp and soak temperature controller Oct 31,2023
    Ramp and Soak controller or some may call it Profile controller or Programmable Temperature Controller are key hardware for industries like Glass, ceramic, and heavy metal parts, Kilns and heaters,Environmental chambers, furnaces, and ovens etc, most of the conventional ramp and soak controllers with set buttons on the panel, the setting is done via those buttons, end user have to go through diffe...
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  • Four Channel Temperature Controller released
    Four Channel Temperature Controller released May 07,2022
    This is a four channel temperature controller with built-in solid state relays, each channel with a 40A solid state relays 1) PID controller and solid state relay built together, save a lot of time on the wiring and maintainence, heatsink incorperated, the SSR is pluggable from the slot, the unit is panel mounted or DIN rail mount. the load can be wired to the unit directly, each channel can handl...
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  • Two in one Temperature controller with SCR
    Two in one Temperature controller with SCR Apr 02,2022
    Recently we launched a new products, it offers a turn-key solutions for the temperature control solution, in the past, the PID temperature controller and the SCR power regulator were two separate devices, but we managed to put these two devices together and make the RS-485 part of the standard features, Click here for more informaiton
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  • Tomb-Sweeping Day holiday break
    Tomb-Sweeping Day holiday break Apr 02,2022
    We will be closed for Tomb-Sweeping Day holiday from April/03~April/05, back to work on April/06, Tomb Sweeping holiday is a traditional holiday with thousands of years of history, it's a special time when descendant pay tributes to their ancestor, people from around the country would travel long distance to go back to their hometown and go to the mountains to their ancestor's cemetery to pay trib...
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  • Back to work from holiday
    Back to work from holiday Feb 03,2023
    We are back to work from CNY Chinese new year holiday, company operates normally starts from Jan-27-2023
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