Temperature controller with timer
Touch screen ramp and soak temperature controller Oct 31

Ramp and Soak controller or some may call it Profile controller or Programmable Temperature Controller are key hardware for industries like Glass, ceramic, and heavy metal parts, Kilns and heaters,Environmental chambers, furnaces, and ovens etc, most of the conventional ramp and soak controllers with set buttons on the panel, the setting is done via those buttons, end user have to go through different layers of parameters to complete the settings, the process is both challenging and demanding, more and more people are looking for more user friendly controllers, in today's industrial automation world, the human machine interface plays a very important role , it makes the interaction between human and machine much easier and easy to pick up even the end user does not have too much technical backgroud, our touch screen ramp and soak controller is a perfect combination of versatile and easy-to-use product.

1)User can easily program different patterns with different segments via the touch screen
2)User can easily select the target pattern and runs it effortlessly.
3)Advanced version provides access from cell phone and PC.

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