Temperature controller with timer
Programmable universal temperature transmitter Nov 07

Temperature transmitters are a fundamental component in the industry. These temperature transmitter devices convert the input signal from a wide range of temperature sensors, such as resistance thermometers, thermocouples, and potentiometers, into a standardized analogue or digital output signal. For decades, for the past decades, the way you program a temperature transmitters has evolved, programmable temperature transmitter was not an option in the early days, you have to specify the range which you want to convert before ordering with the factory, now programmable temperature transmitters are everywhere, these transmitters allows you to configure both the range of the inputs and the type of inputs, and some of transmitters program via PC, some via cell phone, the connection between the programming device and the transmitter are often linked via USB cable, Bluetooth, RFID etc..

We rolled out very own programmable head mount, hockey puck temperature transmitter, which is programmable from both PC and android, a USB cable connects the transmitter with PC and cell phone, separate power is not needed.


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