4.3'' Touch screen ramp and soak controller

TS43H is a touch screen ramp and soak controller, the conventional ramp and soak controllers or some call it profile controllers on the markets are configured via set buttons on the front panel. end user have to go through layers upon layers of parmaeters and navigate through different parameter during the configuration process. the process could be painful and stressed and often times lead to less efficient and frustration. the configuration with our touch screen ramp and soak controller is much more easier, it's easier for end user to pick up the process as they operate the controller like a cell phone. below are some of the basic features with this touch screen ramp and soak profile controller

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4.3'' Touch screen ramp and soak controller

-Key features

Programming a conventional ramp and soak controller with push buttons on the unit can be quite challenge and demanding
This unit is a perfect solution, with easy to use human machine interface integrated. the configuration is very simple and straight forward, this unit is perfect for euipments like hot air dryers, electric Ovens etc


- Touch screen ramp and soak controller just like HMI
- Maximum 6 patterns, each pattern maximum 12 segments
- 4.3 inch TFT display, HMI+temperature controller 2 in 1
Support thermocouple input(K,E,J,N,Wre3-25,S,T,R,B), input field configurable
- Relay, SSR Drive, 4-20mA,0-10VDC output optional
- Maximum 2 alarms, multiple alarm modes
- 100~240Vac supply
- Vivid color display, user friendly, very easy to program
- Run, Reset, Jump on the program just one click.
- Output power restriction on each step of each pattern
- With alarm record and real time curve record function
Very easy to program, only a handful of parameters needs to be set,the setting is easy compare with conventional profiles controllers where end user have to access to multiple parameter levels and configuration can be very annoy
- Quickly switch between each pattern
Wait function, when program starts, if the PV is less than the starting temperature of the pattern, the program will be put on hold and wait  for the PV to reach preset temperature
- Operator access protection
- Clock function, year, date, real time will be displayed on the unit

Maximum 6 patterns, each pattern with maximum 12 segements.
Different products being processed in the oven might need different temperature treatment processing. up to 6 patterns can be pre-programmed and stored in the controller and can be selected on the field.

Below is the primary display interface for the unit, you can see the PV/SV,  current segment which is under processed,
total segement of the program, and other key information of the profile.

Configuration interface



Click on below link to download documents for TS43H




How to configure the TS43H for a specific profile
Here is a video tutorial on how to configure the controller for a specific profile

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