SCR power regulator

Intelligent Digital Display SCR Power Regulator

- Three phase SCR power regulator
- 0-10V,4-20mA,0-5V,potentiometer input
- 24~480Vac load
- 40amps,60amps,75amps,100amps
- Digital LED display
- Ideal for resistive application

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Intelligent Digital Display SCR Power Regulator

-Three phase power regulator, auto phase detection
-Soft-start function to protect SCR and load against surge current
-Integrated display with various LED indicator for status and error display
-Integrated heatsink and fans with temperature detection
-Over temperature alarm, output protection after alarm on (except SCR-51)
-Maximum and minimum output configurable
-Auto/manual control bumpless transfer(except SCR-51)
-Run/Stop function
-RS-485 modbus RTU communication optional
-Rated load voltage 110~480Vac 50/60HZ
-Power supply for SCR to work is 100-240Vac
-Input, 0-10Vdc, 4-20mA, 0-5Vdc, 1-5Vdc, 2-10Vdc, 0-20mA, 0-10mA
-The SCR only works with resistive load, can’t work with capacitive load or inductive load

Cautions and notes

-Fast fuse must be deployed in the system to protect SCR
-SCR is not going to work if the load is less than 0.5A or without load
-A lot of heat will be generated when SCR operates, the ambient temperature must be less than 50, the integrated fans will be activated if temperature on the SCR heatsink greater than 60, if the ambient more than 60, additional fans must be installed in the control cabinet to help the cooling. Otherwise the self-protection mechanism will be triggered and output will be terminated.
-The screw must be fastened securely on the input and output, otherwise excessive heat will be accumulated on the screw and result in damage of the SCR

Connection diagram

Size and dimension

Panel discription


Click below link to download catalog and user manual, RS-485 modbus registry table





This video demonstrates a test we did on Maxwell SCR 3 phase power regulator The instruments you are able to see right away is an oscilloscope which shows the square wave of the load, the one our test engineer holds on hand is a standard signal generator which generates 4-20mA standard input signals, we feed the SCR with a small input and gradually increase the input, as you can see from the video, The lights in the video turned brighter as the input increase. And the 3 voltage meter shows the voltage of each phase, Voltage of each phase increases from 0V to somewhere close to 380Vac, other features like soft-start, minimum and maximum output, manual control, over temperature protections are also available with this SCR. RS-485 Modbus communication are also available






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