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timer and temperature controller 2 in 1 PID

FTX00-610 is a PID temperature controller with built-in timer, works with thermocuple and RTD inputs, relay output for timer, it's ability to maintain the tempearture at preset time duration is the key features of this item, when temperature reach to SV, the timer will be triggered automatically and starts to counting, when the time duration elapsed, a relay will pull-in and generate a dry contact signal. RS-485 modbus communication is optional, 24VDC/AC souce is optional as well.

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Timer and temperature controller 2 in 1 PID

-Key features

Temperature and time are two variables that you get to see a lot in temperature control system. A typical process would be bring the temperature of the system to a setting value and hold the temperature at the setting value for a specific time range. And then shut down the system and terminate the heating process.  Here is typical working flow charts

1) Turn on the system
2) Put setting value in the controller , for example, 400 degree celcius
3) Temperature of the system starts to go up to 400 degree from the ambient temperature
4) When temperature reach to SV (400 degree) and stays at 400 degree for roughly 5 seconds
5) The built-in timer engaged automatically and hold the temperature at 400 degree for 60 minutes, ( the time duration is also configurable, can be 60 minutes, or any time duration you want)
6) The output of the controller continues to work during the time duration and hold the temperature at setting value
7) After preset time range elapsed, the heating of the system will be terminated, and the lower display of the controller shows “END” indicates that the program is come to an END, alarm 2 relay from the alarm can be programmed to pull-in , an external buzzer can be connected to alarm 2 relay, when program ends, the alarm 2 relay pull-in and the external buzzer generates sound and light to alert people at the ground that the program has come to an END.

● Dual display,4 digits,7 segments LED display
● Universal input(TC/RTD)
● PID,PID Autotune, ON-OFF Control Mode
● Built-in Timer+Temperature Controller
● Various timer triggering mode
● Timer can be triggered when PV reach to SV
● Relay output for timer can be set as on delay or off delay
● LED indicators available to indicate the status of the program
● User can check how much time elapsed
● Program can be aborted during the process
● Memory retention function
● C/F display selectable
● 0.3%F.S measuring accuracy
● Bar graphic display
● RS-485 24VDC auxiliary power


Click on below link to download documents

FTX00-610 Series Catalog
FTX00-610 Series User Manual
FTX00-610 Series RS-485 registry list




Below is a video tutorial on how the controller works.
The setting value is 70 degree, the temperature starts to rise as soon as we put the sensor into the mug, the temperature goes up and when it gets to 70 degree, there will be a pause for few seconds and after that the timer being triggered. and temperature being hold at 70 degree, if the system has a heater, then the water in the mug will be hold at 70 degree for a period of time, when the entire process finished, "END" will be displayed at the lower display window to give you a visual indication


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