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LCD Display PID Universal Input Temperature Controller

This is a PID temperature controller works with universal signal, thermocouple, RTD and analog signals, comes with several options on the output, popular choices is Relay, SSR Drive and 4-20mA, 0-10VDC output, fast sampling rate and built-in timers optional, for system intergration purpose, you can choose the RS-485 modbus feature, up to 2 alarms, heating and cooling control configurable, vivid LCD display. offers standard PID control mode and ON/OFF control mode. fuzzy logic pid algorithm

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    FT20X series
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    Grey housing, black front facia
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LCD Display PID Universal Input Temperature Controller

-Key features

• Celcius/Fahrenheit display selectable
• Maximum 3 alarms
• Auto/manual control bumpless transfer
• Soft-start function for analog output
• RS-485 Modbus RTU
• PV/SV Re-transmission
• Remote setting point
• PID, ON/OFF Control mode
• Soft-start function for analog output
• Ramp and soak optional
• Motorized valve control optional
• 24VDC auxiliary power optional
• Heating+cooling output optional
• Event input optional
• Loop break alarm
• Heater break alarm

-Auto/manual control bumpless transfer
Besides the standard features that almost all PID controllers might have, this universal PID temperature controller do comes with some unique features like auto/manual control mode switchable. under automatic control mode.the output is determined by the input it gets from the sensors, when you put a desired value(SV) in the controller, the controlle will compare the actual process value with the desired value,then automatically calculates the output, this is called auto control, under manual control mode, the value of the output is manully controlled by the operator, where the output works separately and the controller ignores the setting point.

-Ramp and soak,total two segements optional
Options are available with ramp and soak function, or you can call it temperature controller with timer, when temperature reach to setting value, the timer will then kick-in and keep the temperature at desired value for a preset time, say like 60 minutes, 2 hours etc. and you can also configure the ramping rate from the ambient temperature to desired setting value, for example, temperature increase by 2 degree/minute. after certain period of time when the whole process finished, an alarm can be triggered to get the attention.

-Remote setting value
Normally the setting value of the controller is configured via the front key of the controller by operator, or configured via master device through RS-485, but in some of application, the SV will determined by a remote analog signal from another device, could be 0-10VDC or 4-20mA, this PID controller offers the possbility if you are looking into this feature.

-Process value or setting value re-transmission
The process value and setting value can be re-trasmitted as 4-20mA/0-10VDC, the transmitted signal can be feeded to another device such as paperless recorder.

-Event input
For some fo the process, the object being controlled will work at several different setting values based on a pattern, eg, during the day, the setting value might be 100 degree, during the night shift, the setting value might be 120 degree, an external switch can be connected to the controller, simply flip the switch, the SV will change from 100 to 120, the controller can have maximum four different setting values, SV1, SV2, SV3, SV4, and then switch between each via 2 external switches.



Click on below link to download catalog, user manual and RS-485 registry details.




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