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DIN Rail Mount 1 Input 1 Output Temperature Transmitter

● Din rail mount temperature transmitter
● Maxwell TT-311
● DIN rail mount type
● Universal input
● 2 wires 4-20mA output
● One input one output

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DIN Rail Mount 1 Input 1 Output Temperature Transmitter

-Key features

- Din rail mount temperature transmitter, can be mounted to a standard 35mm DIN rail
- Maxwell TT-311
- Internal cold junction compensation
- Universal input, works with K, E, S, B, J, T, R, N, WRe3_WRe25, WRe5_WRe26. PT100, Cu50, Cu100
- Compatible with 2 wires, 3 wires, 4 wires RTD sensors
- PT1000 needs to be custom made, once the input made as PT1000, other inputs will not compatible
- 4-20mA or 0-10Vdc output, specify the output when order
- Temperature effect ≤40 ppm/℃
- One channel, One input one output
- Input and range configurable via windows PC software
- USB micro-B port allows direct PC connection for configuration
- 18-32VDC source, loop powered version available on request, both loop-powered version and self-powered version available.
- 0.1%F.S(full scale) accuracy
- Dimension, 115mm*100mm*12.8mm
- CE comply

Dimension and sizes

The thickness of the dual channel version is bigger than the single channel version

Configuration kit

A special configuration kit will be needed in order to configure the input and range of the temperature transmitters, below is the image of the configuration kit, this configuration kit will have to be ordered separately.

Wiring diagram of 1 input 1 output(TT-311)

There are two basic methods to power industrial automation products, self-powered and loop powered, this DIN rail temperature transmitter can be made as self-powered device which will need a independent power source or loop-powered device, please choose the correct code when order with us, ordering example

TT-311-LP, means 1 input 1 output, 4-20mA output, loop-powered version

-The range and the sensor type of the transmitter is configurable via free PC software, below is a video demostration on how to install the software, how to use the software to change the input and range of the temperature transmitter.

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