• What is a PID temperature controller ? Jan 21 , 2022
    PID Temperature controller is a device working based on an algorithm where the controller compares the difference between the setting value and process value, based on the difference, the controller will calculate how much power needs to be feeded to the load to keep the process value as close as it can be torwards the setting value, this is a baisc concepts of the temperature controllers.
  • What is PID control and how is it different from ON/OFF control Apr 02 , 2022
    PID control is the mainstream control method that is required in a lot of industrials, like food processing, plastic extrusion, semi-conductors etc. these industrial often need precision control and overshoot should be limited, PID control is also referred to as “Three-term” control. The three terms are: P for ProportionalI for IntegralD for Derivative The output of the controller is the sum of the three factors above, PID control takes different varibles into consideration and calculate an optimized outputs to excecute and dispatch approriate power to the load, therefore controls the process by maintaing the process value as close as it can be to the setting value. ON/OFF control, is a very simple control method, in a reverse control situation, when process value is lower than the setting value, full power will be applied to the load which is ON status, when process value is higher than the setting value, 0% power will be applied and this is OFF status, if you picture a co...
  • Head mount temperature transmitter Jun 21 , 2022
    The temperature transmitter is a device which converts various temperature signals into analog signals like 4-20mA, 0-10VDC,  Temperature transmitters are available in all different shapes and sizes, depending on the application and environment they are expected to operate. To name a few, they are DIN rail mounted temperature transmitters, also known as Rail temperature transmitters,  field mounted temprature transmitters, Hockey puck temperature transmitters.       Here at Maxwell, we offer all types of temperature transmitters, the most popular one would be standard version without isolation and some smart temperature transmitters like HART protocol temperature transmitter, RS-485 modbus Temperature transmitters.
  • How do we carry out the calibration on head mount temperature transmitter ? Jul 01 , 2022
    The accuracy of a temperature transmitter is THE key aspects to look into, as with many instrumentation transmitter, a temperature transmitter needs to be adjusted or calibrated. So the current output of 4-20mA represents the temperature range of the process variable being measured, for example, a process variable temperature range of zero degree Celsius to 100 degree Celsius will produce a current range of 4 to 20 mA.In every calibration scenario, a sensor is replaced by a device that can simulate the output of the sensor over the entire process variable temperature range.  For a thermocouple, the sensor is replaced by a device that produces a range of millivolts. For an RTD sensors, the sensor is replaced by a device that produces a range of resistances. Devices produces resistances such as decade box,  today ,we’ve got signal reference calibrators to generate various reference signals for RTD and thermocouples which makes the calibration for temperature transmitters ...
  • How do you choose a temperature transmitter Jul 07 , 2022
    Selecting correct temperature transmitters could be quite challenging from time to time, there are a lot of factors needs to be take into consideration, but first and foremost is to make sure that the measurement accuracy and to convert a temperature sensor’s low-level (ohm or mV) signal to a standard 4-20mA current signal that can be readily accepted by a monitoring and control system, such as a DCS or PLC The evolving technology has made the temperature transmitter reliable, affordable,  below are the few things should be taken into consideration when choose the correct temperature transmitter. 1. Back of Panel or Local Installation Perhaps the most important consideration when specifying a temperature transmitter is the environment in which it will be installed. If the distance between the sensor measurement and the control room is relatively short and free of plant electrical "noise", temperature transmitters can be inexpensively installed in the control room, with senso...
  • How PID controller is used to control temperature ? Aug 10 , 2022
    PID temperature controllers works by adopting P.I.D algorithm and compare the difference between set value and process value, then decide the amount of output should be applied to the load to maintain the process value at or as close as possible to the set value. In a typical field applictaion, a lot of variations contribute to the outcome of the control process.  the PID controller is able to eliminate the impact from the surroundings and be able to adjust the output automatically to acheieve the best outcome. all of Maxwell temperature controller is PID controller, as oppose to PID controller, there are ON/OFF controllers on the market,  PID controller is for system where the tempreature control must be precise and the temperature is indeed critical to the system, like pharmaceutical industry, semi-conductor , some of applications on the other hand is less demanding when it comes to tempreature control precision. ON/OFF controller would be an ideal solution for these applic...
  • Temperature controller with built-in timer for powder coating Oven Feb 10 , 2023
    The powder coating oven requires precise control on both temperature and time, the typical process would be hold the temperature and a set value for a certain period of time, the conventional solution would be using two control device , one is a temperature controller and the other one is a timer. At Maxwell, we have a temperature controller with built-in timer, the temperature can be controlled at a preset value and the timer can be programmed to engaged when temperature reach to set value and holding the temperature at certain period of time, when the time elapsed, the burner will be turned off. our model FT20X is a perfect solution for the oven. when the coating process finished, operator can hear a buzzer goes off to sort of notify the process is finished.
  • A Deep Dive into Kiln Controllers Dec 26 , 2023
    A Deep Dive into Kiln Controllers Introduction We are a PID temperature controller supplier in China, one of our kiln controller rolled out early of 2023 is very popular on the market and we are the first factory to introduce this kind of controller in China. Today we are going to dig deep into kiln controllers and beyond In the world of ceramics, pottery, and even certain industrial processes, the kiln plays a pivotal role in transforming raw materials into beautifully crafted and durable products. The key to achieving consistent and precise results lies in the heart of the kiln – its controller. In this blog, we'll explore the significance of kiln controllers, their functionalities, and how they contribute to achieving the perfect firing process. Understanding Kiln Controllers   A kiln controller is essentially the brain of the kiln. It is a sophisticated device designed to regulate the temperature, humidity, and other crucial factors during the firing process. Whether you...
  • What is HART 7?
    What is HART 7? Mar 23 , 2024
    HART 7 is more than just a wireless protocol, our HART protocol temperature transmtiter TT-217 is HART 7 product, you can configure it by using our PC software or you can configure it by using standard HART communicator, the HART 7 standard applies to the full range of measurement, control, and automation systems products based on the HART Communication Protocol – whether wired or wireless. The WirelessHART capability is getting the most attention, but HART 7 provides many new capabilities beneficial to industry users in both wired and wireless products. Examples include: 1) Report by Exception—enables devices to push information to the control or asset management system without the system having to poll the device with a standard HART command. If there is a process or device status change, the device will automatically advise you.2) Time-Stamped Data—a valuable tool that adds a time stamp to process data readings sent to the host system which is helpful in evaluating...

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