Head Mount Temperature Transmitter, configurable via Cell phone and PC(TT-210)

● Maxwell temperature transmitter,TT-210
Input and range configurable via PC or android smart phone
● Universal input
● 4-20mA output
● Cost effective, non-isolated
● Round type head mount
● Input and range configurable
● Different color housing, Red,Blue,Green,White
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● P100,Cu50,Cu100,T,E,J,K,N,R,S,B,PT1000 and WRe sensor can be custom made
Input and range configurable via PC or android smart phone, most of transmitter is only configurable from PC, this model can be configured from your smart phone which makes it very easy to program because everybody carries a smart phone nowadays
● 12~40VDC power supply
● Input output non-isolation
● 0.2%F.S accuracy
● Input and range PC configurable via software
Different housing color,Red,Navy Blue,Green,White
● Private label available on request
● Model number TT-210
● CE comply

Configuration software for PC-(TT-210) 11.8 MB
Configuration software for cell phone-(TT-210) 1.7 MB
Catalog-(TT-210) 562KB

The input and range of this model is configurable. most of temperature transmitters only configurable via PC,but our model can be configured with your Android smart phone, this makes your configuration extremely easy especially today when everybody is carrying a smart phone

The input and range of this model is configurable from PC as well, this is a demostration on how to program TT-210 from your desktop(PC)
1)Connect the TT-210 with your PC via the USB cable(special USB cable)
2)Open the "COM" port
3)Press upload to read the current settings from the TT-210,factory default input is PT100, range is 0-200 Celcius
4)Tick the input you need from the dropdown box, for example type K sensors, and put the range in the zero and span box
5)Press download to write the new settings to the TT-210
6)You can press clear to clear the box and click upload to confirm if your setting had been conducted successfully or not

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